2-Core & Multicore Braid

AV Cables (By the Metre)

Alarm Cables

Blade Receptacles & Piggyback Connectors

Blade Terminals

Braided Tubing

Building Technology

Bus Cables

More (90)

Butt Connectors

Cable Accessories

More (306)

Cable Carriers

More (75)

Cable Extensions

Cable Fasteners

More (135)

Cable Grommets & Fillers

Cable Labelling Kits

Cable Labels

More (7)

Cable Protection

More (87)

Cable Screw Connector Accessories

More (32)

Cable Screw Connectors

More (63)

Cable Strippers

Cable Tie Installation Tools

Cable Ties

Cable ldentifiers

More (20)


Cables & Leads

More (1303)

Circular Connectors

Coaxial Cables


More (30)


More (267)

Control & Data Cables

More (106)

Crimp Connectors

More (14)

DIY & Tools

Data Cables

More (108)

EPIC® Connector Sets

More (31)

EPIC® Industrial Connector Accessories

More (25)

EPIC® Industrial Connectors

EPIC® Industrial connector housings

More (30)

Electrical Wiring


Fibre Optic (FO) Cables (By the Metre)

Hand Tools

Harmonised & Certified Cables

More (13)

IEC Mains Power Cables

Industrial Connectors

More (21)

Industrial Rectangular Connectors

More (172)

Insulation Tubing

Lapp Kabel

More (172)

Multicore Cables

More (907)

Network Cables

Network Cables, 1-1 wired


Office, IT & Multimedia

PG Straps

PV Cables

Phone & Telecom Cables

More (6)

Power Cables

Power Chains

Power Cords & Mains Cables

More (53)

Ribbon Cables

Ring Terminals

Sensor/Actuator Connectors

Signal & Power Connectors

More (15)

Spade Terminals

Spiral Cables

More (108)

Stripping Tools

Unassembled Network Cables

More (1)

Wires & Single-Core Leads

More (30)


More (7)

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