10-30A DC Controllers

12.0 V DC Regulators

3.3 V DC Regulators

5.0 V DC Regulators

6.0 V DC Regulators

9.0 V DC Regulators

<10A DC Controllers

ARM Controllers

Accelerometers, Gyros, GPS, & Compasses


Breakout Boards and Accessories

Brushed DC Motors


Current Sensors

Encoders & Disks

Gas Sensors

Gear Motors (Rear Shaft)

General EI and C


Hubs​ & ​Couplers

Inexpensive Gear Motors

Infrared Range Finders

Line Sensors

Optical Sensors - IR, PIR, Photo

Other Voltages


Pololu 3pi Programmable Robots

Pololu Zumo Robot Kits

Pressure Sensors

Programmable Arduino Robots

Proximity Switch

R/C DC Controllers

RC Servo Controllers

RC Servo Motor Controllers

Raspberry Pi Accessories / HATs

SD & Memory Card

Sensor & Motor Mounts

Serial DC Controllers

Servo Motor Tools & Parts

Spur Gear Motors

Standard Size Servo Brackets

Stepper Motor Controllers

Stepper Motors

Wireless RC / PWM Servo Controllers

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