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Receiving, Inspection & Unpacking
General Installation
When the equipment is received all items should be
carefully checked against the bill of lading to be sure all
crates and cartons have been received. Before accept-
ing delivery, carefully inspect each carton or crate for
visible shipping damage. If any damage is noticed, the
carrier should make the proper notation on the delivery
receipt acknowledging the damage. Make notations of all
damage on all copies of the bill of lading and have all
copies countersigned by the delivering carrier. The car-
rier should also fill out a Carrier Inspection Report. The
factory Traffic Department should then be contacted.
File claim for damage with the carrier. Physical damage
to the unit after acceptance is not the responsibility of
Unpack each carton or crate and verify that all required
parts and proper quantities of each item have been
received. Refer to drawings for part descriptions. Report
shortages or missing items to your local representative
to arrange for replacement parts.
Due to availability of carriers and truck space, it is not
possible to guarantee that all items will be shipped
together. Verification of shipments must be limited to
only those items on the bill of lading.
The unit nameplate must be checked to make sure the
voltage agrees with the power supply available.
CAUTION: Sheet metal parts, screws, clips and similar
items inherently have sharp edges, and it is necessary
that the installer and service personnel exercise
The installation of this equipment shall be in accordance
with the regulations of authorities having jurisdiction and
all applicable codes.
This equipment is to be installed by an experienced
installation company and fully trained personnel.
The mechanical installation of the exhaust ventilator con-
sists of making final connections between the unit and
building services, duct connections.
Centrifugal Powered Roof & Wall Exhausters
Aerovent Catalog 102 provides additional information on this equipment. This catalog can be found at
www.aerovent.com or by contacting your local Aerovent sales representative.
General Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For Aerovent ProductsGeneral Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For Aerovent Products
August 2014

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