User Manual

2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
Sometimes during shipment and handling air will get into the hydraulic system which can result in poor lifting
Air Purge:
To purge any air from the system fully open the release valve by turning handle counter clockwise 1 1/2 to 2
turns. Then while holding the saddle down operate the pump handle approximately 12 times.
Release pressure on saddle and continue to pump while closing release valve. Raise unloaded jack to
maximum height and release. Jack will return to lowered position and will be ready for operation.
Checking Oil Level:
Remove inspection plate and remove rubber fill plug located on the side of the round cylinder (this is painted
over during assembly.) Lift jack so the cylinder is in the vertical position with the casters up and the front
wheels down. Proper oil level should be even with the bottom of the fill hole. If low return jack to normal
position and fill with NEW clean hydraulic jack oil and recheck level. Use caution not to overfill.
To Raise Jack:
1. Turn the operating handle clockwise until the release valve closes. Use caution not to overtighten.
2. Place the jack directly under the object to be lifted so that the saddle makes contact with load.
3. Raise jack to required height. After lifting use safety stands to hold load.
To Lower Jack:
1. Slowly turn the operating handle counter-clockwise. The speed of lowering is controlled by the amount the
valve is opened.
Normal Maintenance Procedures:
Use only high quality hydraulic oil. Use of any other oil may result in damage. When filling with hydraulic oil
do not permit dirt or any other substance to enter the hydraulic system. Inspect the jack regularly for leaks,
damaged, loose, or missing parts. Remove from use and have unit repaired if necessary. Always store jack
in the fully lowered position.
1) Understand and follow all instructions before operating unit.
2) This jack is for lifting purposes only. Use jack stands of the correct rated capacity for support.
3) Use only on a hard level surface.
4) Do not exceed rated capacity.
5) Center load should be placed directly on saddle.
6) No alterations should be made to this product.
7) Do not move vehicle while jack is in use.
8) Lift only areas of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
9) Failure to heed these warnings may result in personal injury and/or property damage.

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