System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Initiate Call Back when free
Incoming Call Pick Up
Call Waiting
You are on a call and
hear the call waiting
End current call Waiting call will ring
your phone
Lift handset Talk
First Option:
Second Option:
Press „SPLIT“. The first call is placed on hold while the waiting one is connected to you. You can alter between the calls by
pressing the Split Button. You can also deflect the waiting call.
Reject a Waiting Call
Press „Reject“. Caller will now hear busy tone instead of ringing
tone, if only your extension was ringing. The caller will continue to
hear ringing tone if other extensions are ringing as set within the
call distribution table.
Continue original call.
On hearing the busy tone
when calling an extension.
Press Softkey "RecalL". Ring
back when free is initated
Replace handset
You wish to pick up an
external call.
a +
Lift handset. Press Softkey „Get“.
You are now connected to the caller.
Call Pick Up (from Answering machine)
Answering machine has
accepted external callt.
Lift handset. Press button Call Pick Up.
Only possible if button Call Pick Up is configured
to extension number of TAM.