System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Do Not Disturb (DND) Programming
and Setting
You can toggle „Do not Disturb“ on/off by pressing the „Do not Disturb“ button.
Display Call Log
The flashing message waiting button will indicate that there is one entry in the call log. With
the receiver on hook press the message waiting button. The last missed call will be displayed
giving telephone number, date and time. The LED will continue to be lit until you return the
call or delete the entry from the call log.
You can use the arrow keys to view further entries.
The displayed number will be dialled as soon as you lift the handset. The entry will
automatically be deleted if the caller answers. The entry will remain in the call log if no one
answers the returned call.
Delete the displayed entry by presseing the left button.
Abort the call log by pressing the right button.
Exit Programming
! % z !
Press Set and button
"Do not disturb" to
start programming
"1": Do not Disturb for Internal Calls
"2": Do not Disturb for External Calls
"3": Do not Disturb for Exernal and Internal Calls
Select Retrieval of Phone Book Entries
t '&
Press "Search" , choose search mode with arrow
buttons and confirm with middle button
Telephone Book (Numeric)
Lift the handset or press the handsfree
button. The displayed number will be
'& + =
Enter the stored
location of the entry, ie 000 to 999 or use
arrow buttons to scroll.