System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Select a suitable location for the ST 40 IP to be installed. Please observe the following points:
- Do not use locations where the phone could be subjected to water or chemicals.
- Rubber feet of the Phone:
Your phone has been manufactured for general use. Some chemicals found in furniture polish or
other furniture care products may alter the substance of the rubber feet of the phone. Due to this
influence it may be possible that the rubber feet of the telephone may leave some marks. We will
not accept any liability for any of such occurrences. With reference to new furniture or polished
furniture we would suggest to use a non-slip protective matt for your telephone.
To clean your telephone use a soft damp cloth. An antistatic cloth may also be used.
NEVER use a dry cloth as this could result in a static discharge which may damage electronic
components within the telephone. Please take great care that NO MOISTURE will enter the telephone
as this will lead to malfunction and ultimately damage the telephone.
Insert Button Designation Strip
Your ST 40 IP includes a printed designation strip which shows the
button allocation in default. You may use the reverse to enter your
own designations.
Use a finger-nail between the upper end of the window and the
phone casing. Pull the window downwards until it buckles. You can
now take it out.
You can print corresponding lebels on your PC, using the TK-Set configuration programm.
Re-insert the window at the lower end and follow above instruction for removal in reverse