System Telephone
ST 40 IP
The ST 40 IP has a seperate RJ 10 headset connection. Instead of connecting the cordless DHSG
Headset AGFEO 9120 you may also use some of the following corded headsets:
Manufacturer Model Order No.
AGFEO Headset 2100 6548839
Headset 2200 6548847
Plantronics Supra Monaural Polaris Modell P51 * 32190-04
Tristar Modell P81 * 33695-01
* including connection cable U10P 38058-01
GN Netcom Profile monaural ** 1861-15-03
Optima NC monaural ** 1913-29-01
** Including connection cable 8800-00-01
DHSG Headset (Cordless Headset)
The DHSG connectivity is a new industry standard which is supported by various headset
manufacturers. This bi-directional connection makes it possible to deliver a high functionality
between telephone and headset from different manufacturers. The telephone can signal to the
headset via the DHSG connection if it is on - or off hook and if the telephone is ringing. Likewise the
headset is able to signal to the phone if it wants to be on - or off hook. The condition will be that both
devices, telephone and headset, are able to support this type of protocol.
Connection of Headset
The headset socket can be found underneath the ST 40 IP (See Page 4). The socket is marked with a
headset symbol.
- insert the headset plug into the headset socket until you hear a positive click.
- lay the cable in the cable duct underneath the ST 40 IP which is also used as a strain relief
- to unplug the cable, release the latch on the plug (use a small screw driver if required) and at the
same time pull the plug out of the socket.
Please note you may need an adapter from RJ45 to RJ 11.