System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Please program a headset button for the ST 40 IP or STE 40 either via TK Suite Basic or the system
programming code XX 31.
- You now will be able to answer or clear a call from the headset.
Your headset will also ring in the earpiece once your telephone rings.
- You can answer the call by pressing the programmed headset button on the ST 40 IP or STE 40, or
by pressing the button directly on your headset.
- If so required you may disable the ringer of the ST 40 but still will hear a call ringing directly in the
earpiece of your headset. This will be ideal for call centres or open plan offices.
- If the caller hangs up, then the telephone system will also clear the call and the headset goes
automatically on hook. There is no need to press a button on the ST 40 IP or the headset to go
back on hook.
DSHG Headset Operation
Open your Browser and enter the IP address of the ST 40 IP. Onced accessed you will be able to
upload wave files as ring tones into your ST 40 IP. The following page will be displayed:
Upload Ringtones
You may upload up to 5 wave files (Format PCM/8khz/8-Bit/a-Law) into your telephone. To do this
click onto the relevant memory location, click onto „Browse“ and select the location of the wave file
on your PC. Afterwards click onto „upload“ to store the ringtone into your telephone.
You now may allocate this ringtone by using TK Suite in the section „Setup Incoming Ringing