System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Menu Guidance
Please look at the display when using the telephone as it will guide you through all operating
procedures. Depending on the current operational status the following soft keys will be offered:
Answer, Park Call, Retrieve, Get, Split, Transfer, Call Back. Conference, Recall, Reject,
Disconnect, Go To, Back, End, OK, on, off, Store and Door Opener.
External ISDN-Line. One line (a B-
channel)is busy. The "x" is shown
inverted on an external call.
Internal ISDN-Line. One Line (a B-
channel) is busy.
Analogue trunk line. The "A" is shown
inverted on an external call
Browse with
yx, Confirm with „ok“
Call-Waiting off
Do Not Disturb on
Diversion/ISDN-call forwarding
CVA 2 (Night service) on
Phone lock on
Wake-up set
Appointment set
Sensor activated
Call Filter activated
Withhold own number
PC Programming in progress
Display in
Activated features
are shown here
Extensions off hook.
Ringing extensions
will be shown
Internal and
external S0 Status,
one box per S0.
Current function of
soft keys below.
1. Display Line: Date / Time
Index of functions:
Display Area of ST 40 IP
WK26 Tu 11.Jul.06 11:59
ii xx A *${}%“S
12 14 16 18
ok back
Status of analogue
trunk lines
The soft keys below the phone display will be indicated by this symbol.
The relevant button which is to be pressed will be shown in black.
Please observe the display area if no black button is indicated. Should there be more than
three option, then the most used function will be shown first. More functions can be
selected by pressing the arrow buttons.
Notes on using this Manual