System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Function Buttons - Freely programmable
Function Buttons (overview)
To switch the answering machine of an ST31/ST 40 on or off.
Reject an incoming call. Caller will hear busy tone.
Volume adjustment of AIS announcements via an external speaker.
You can select if:
- Caller will hear busy tone (off).
- A waiting call will only be signalled visually (set to visual).
- A call waiting tone should be heard (set to audible).
Enable / Disable Call Filter
Displays Call Log.
This will disable the tone ringer
Special function buttons may be set:
- DND for internal calls
- DND for external calls
- DND for internal- and external calls
Announcement via Public Address Amplifier connected to the Telephone System
Night Service on or off.
Special function buttons may be set:
Night Service can be switched for each trunk line.
Night Service can be switched for all trunk lines.
Enable / Disable Call Forward if designated extension does not answer an incoming call.
Special function buttons may be allocated:
Switch Call Forward for each trunk line.
Switch Call Forward for all trunk lines.
Returns busy tone to caller if one extension is busy within call distribution group.
Special buttons can be assigned
-Busy on Busy for each call distribution group switchable seperately
-Busy on Busy for call call distribution group switchable together.
To select Network Provider via LCR.
Check in / Check out for Hotel applications. Will start or stop call logging and switch on
or off trunk line access.
Pageing Announcement to System Phones. Programmable function Button - Page
specific Extensions.
Display Call Cost.
To select a specific number to make an outgoing call on. A function button may be
assigned for this feature.
To switch on or off the output of external MoH to a connected speaker.
Malicious Call Identification via ISDN-Exchange
Enables to dial for another telephone.
Log in or out of groups and features.
To use a headset (System Phones only)
To Pick Up a call ringing from another extension. A Special Function Button may be
assigned for this feature. Pick up calls from extensions or lines and set extensions.
Withold own number from being forwarded to number dialled. Will only work if feature is
supported from network provider.
To dial extenstions. Function button can be assigned to call specific extensions (DSS).
To Hold an external call in the Telephone Exchange (only available on PTMP ISDN lines)
To set up a Conference Call with Internal and or External calls.
TAM activation
AIS Volume
Call Waiting
Call Filter
Call Log
Do not Disturb
Night Service
(AVA 2)
Call Forwarding
Busy on Busy
Call by Call
Check in/out
Page (Tannoy)
External Music
Call Capture
Remote Dialling
Group Button
Call Pick Up
Internal Button