System Telephone
ST 40 IP
Function Buttons - Freely programmable
Function Buttons (overview)
Brokers Call
Music Volume
No Function
Account Code
Enquiry Call
Listen to Voice
Record Voice
Phone Lock
Tone Caller Off
Door Opener
Diversion from
Diversion to
Call Log
Wake Up Call
Call Deflection
Memory Dialling
- General
- Private
Adjust speaker volume for handsfree or on hook use.
Set or cancel Least Cost Routing (LCR) for your System Phone.
Display line status and directly access an external line.
Talk to one internal and one external call at a time without connecting them.
Enable or Disable timed function of the telephone system, like day- night service, call
diversion, relays etc. Special function button may be allocated.
- Only timer on or off
- Only function on or off
- With menu selection
Set volume of external MoH which will be played via speaker.
If function is stored on the 2nd level, then pressing this button will cause the function of
the 1st level to be carried out.
You can allocate an account code to a call. This can be done via a defined number to a
button, or via a general button, the account code will then have to be entered afterwards.
In connection with the check in / check out button. This can be used to indicate to the front
desk that a room has been cleaned and is ready for occupation.
Activate a Relays. A special function Button may be assigned.
Reserve a line if no line is available, i. e. all lines are busy.
Set up an enquiry call, brokers call or connect a call.
Enable or Disable sensors.
Listen to preprogrammed voice box.
Record a message for a preprogrammed voice box.
Mute the microphone on your telephone.
Phone will be locked against unauthorised access. Only emergency - and direct dial
numbers can be accessed if so programmed.
Set or cancel a preprogrammed appointment.
Switch off tone caller on your system phone. The caller will still hear ringing tone.
Dialling after preset DTMF tones (1.....0, *, #) may also be used to interogate an answering
Connect or call the doorphone (TFE). Special function button can be programmed.
Release electric door lock mechanism. Special function button may be programmed.
Transfer an external call to another external call.
Divert all calls from another phone to the current phone used.Z
Divert all calls to another extension or another external number.
Displays the last external calls (inbound and outbound, depending on programming).
Numbers from this list may be stored directly in the phone book by pressing the phone
book button.
Enable / disable preset wake up call.
Will divert an incoming call during the ringing phase. There will be no change to the
ringing tone when diverted. Caller will not be aware tht call was forwarded.
Dialling a stored telephone number.
- The number is stored in the system phone book and on your phone.
- Number is stored on your phone only.