Installation Guide

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Read and save these instructions
WARNING: Disconnect the power before beginning this
WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock or
injury to persons observe the following:
Do not use this fan with any solid-state speed
control device.
Use this unit only in the manner intended by
the manufacturer.
Before servicing or cleaning the unit, switch
power off at the service panel. To prevent
power from being switched on accidentally
when the service disconnecting means cannot
be locked securely, fasten a prominent
warning device, such as a tag to the service
Installation work and electrical wiring must be
done by qualified person(s) in accordance with
all applicable codes and standards, including
fire-rated construction.
When cutting or drilling into wall or ceiling, do
not damage electrical wiring or other hidden
Ducted fans must always be vented to the
Do not install this fan in a ceiling thermally
insulated to a value greater than R-40
WARNING: Do not use in kitchens.
WARNING: Sufficient air is needed for proper
combustion and exhausting of gases
through the flue (chimney) of fuel burning
equipment to prevent back drafting. Follow
the heating equipment manufacturer’s
guidelines and safety standards such as
those published by National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA), and the American Society
for Heating, Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and local
code authorities.
CAUTION: For general ventilating use only. Do not use
to exhaust explosive materials and vapors.
• Do not install directly above a shower stall or bath tub.
• Never place a switch where it can be reached from the
tubor shower.
Before beginning this
installation remove the fan’s
blower housing (which
includes the motor, blade,
bracket and venturi) assembly
by removing the screw which
secures the venturi housing
to the fan housing (fig. 1).
Place this assembly and the
grill in the carton until
needed so they do not get
Mounting the Housing: New Construction
Using the Hanging Brackets
(refer to fig. 2)
1. Insert the hanging brackets
in the slots provided in the
2. Remove the electrical cover
(which holds the fan’s
receptacle) and place it
somewhere handy. Select the
most convenient electrical
knockout and remove it, then
locate the fan housing
between the joists so that the
bottom of the fan housing is
even with the planned
finished ceiling.
3. Use screws or nails (not provided) to secure the hanger
bars to the ceiling joists.
Mounting the Housing: Existing
1. Determine the desired location for the fan.
2. Drill a small hole through the ceiling at the chosen
location and stick the end of a coat hanger through the
hole into the attic to help locate the spot in the attic.
3. Check the chosen area from above to be certain that the
wiring can be installed and that the installation will not
interfere with any existing wiring. Remove the electrical
compartment cover (which holds the fan’s receptacle) and
place it somewhere handy. Select the most convenient
electrical knockout and remove it.
4. From above, position the housing between ceiling joists,
Model AK100L
Vent/Light/Night Light
Fig. 2
Fig. 1
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