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Argus Technologies Ltd. 010-592-C0 Rev G WC
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1 Introduction
1.1 Scope of the Manual
This instruction manual explains the features, installation, startup and maintenance of the FMPS FTTP
Multipurpose Power Supply.
NOTE: Images contained in this document are for illustrative purposes only and may not exactly match your installation.
1.2 Product Overview
The FMPS, model number FMPS-150W, is an intelligent microprocessor-controlled 48Vdc UPS system.
The input is powered by either a customer-owned 120 to 240Vac power outlet or a hardwired AC connection.
The system includes two parallel outputs with alarm connections.
The FMPS supports distances of up to 100-feet using unshielded cable between the FMPS and ONT, allowing the
FMPS to be located close to existing power outlets.
Individually monitored 48Vdc strings of standard 7.2 AH maintenance free, sealed lead-acid batteries provide
standby power.
Model FMPS-150CWK features a factory installed cold weather kit that includes a battery heater, and supports
extended runtimes at –40°C.
LED indicators and audible alarm provide local status indication, and PacketCable-compliant telemetry
connections to the ONT provide remote status reporting.
System includes:
Local and remote status indicators
Universal AC input
Two DC outputs and alarm connections
Microprocessor controlled battery management
Low voltage battery disconnect
LED status indicators for each battery string
Indoor or outdoor installation
Up to two FMPS units may be installed on a single
dedicated 15A circuit
Figure 1–Front perspective view of FMPS-150W