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3 Transportation and Storage
3.1.1 Packaging
The enclosure and components are shipped on individual pallets and shrink wrapped. The pallet is approximately
0.15m H x 1.22m W x 1.52m D (6” H x 48” W x 60” D) and the overall height including pallet and enclosure is
approximately 0.46m (18”). The enclosures and components cannot be stacked.
Batteries may or may not be installed; if they are not, they will be on a separate pallet and packaged per the
manufacturers guidelines.
NOTE: Packaging assemblies and methods are tested to International Safe Transit Association standards.
3.1.2 Storage
The weight of the enclosure is listed in the specifications. The equipment pallet can be moved using a forklift.
Do not hoist/lift enclosure with batteries installed.
If the batteries are installed, the warehouse facility may have to be certified for handling such goods. Typically, the
batteries will be on a separate pallet; the same requirements for certification will apply.
3.1.3 Site Considerations
It is assumed that the site will be ready for enclosure installation upon arrival.
The supporting structure must be designed to support a fully configured enclosure. In addition, the mounting site
must be designed and installed in accordance with local building practices and codes.
Site considerations should include the following:
Areas that may receive hot air exhaust from neighboring buildings or structures should be avoided.
Any areas with architectural controls or environmental restrictions should be known.
Areas prone to flooding should be avoided.
A proper grounding system.
3.1.4 Inspection
Prior to unpacking the equipment, perform a visual inspection and note any damage. Unpack the equipment and
inspect the exterior for damage. If any damage is observed contact the carrier immediately.
Continue the inspection for any internal damage. In the unlikely event of internal damage, please inform the
carrier and contact Argus Technologies for advice on the consequence of any damage.
Verify that you have all the necessary parts per your order for proper assembly.
Call Argus Technologies if you have any questions before you proceed: 1 (888) 462-7487