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Specifications for Argus Technologies’ FMPS Continued
Argus Technologies Ltd. 010-592-B1 Rev A WC
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Local Alarms
System LED: Green steady = system output normal, DC output/off = no AC or battery power
Battery LED: Yellow steady = system on battery/off = normal mode
Replace Battery: Red steady = replace one or two battery strings/off = batteries within parameters
Replace Battery A&B (internal): Red steady = replace one or both battery strings/off = batteries within parameters
Audible Indicator (Alarm On): Alarm enable/disable toggle switch located on FMPS, batteries below voltage
Remote Alarms
Pin 1 Alarm Return: Open collector return reference
Pin 2 AC Fail: On battery
Pin 3 Replace Battery: One or both battery strings failed periodic self-test
Pin 4 Missing Battery: < 8 batteries
Pin 5 Battery Low: Battery string voltage < 46.8Vdc
Output: 2x terminal blocks accepting #16 AWG (1.5mm²), parallel connections
Remote Alarms: 2x 5-position IDC #24 AWG (0.25mm²), parallel connections
FMPS: 603mm H x 356mm W x 140mm D
(23.75” H x 14” W x 5.5” D)
FMPS + Shipping Carton: 724mm H x 432mm W x 298mm D
(28.5” H x 17” W x 11.75” D)
FMPS: 11.3 kg
(25 lb.)
FMPS + Shipping Carton: 13.6 kg
(30 lb.)
Type: 4 or 8 7.2AH valve regulated lead acid (VRLA)
Model: GS Battery Inc., OEM P/N: PX12072F2-HG
CSB, OEM P/N: GP1272F2
For compatibility with other battery models, please consult Argus factory.