Owner's Manual

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Original Instructions
Power On Oven,
This oven can be set to a
preheat temperature between
200°F (95°C) and 520°F
Oven must be
plugged in� (Screen
will power on to
“Standby mode” within
approximately 30
Touch green
“Power” icon
Preheat temperature of oven
will appear in display
Touch the power key
again to interrupt
preheating, or touch the
blue menu icon to access main
menu and user options�
General Oven Operation
Methods of Cooking
and Programming
Cooking with Preprogrammed
Menu Items
Manual Cooking and Oven
Recipe and Menu creation via
ACP Programming Application
USB Programing
Wi-Fi Programming
Ethernet Programming
You may add and organize
recipe information by creating
new recipes, folders and tabs�
See the following pages for
more information� (p14-17)
To download and view example
menus, please visit
First Time Use
Set User Options
There are several options you
can change to customize the
operation of the oven for your
business� To access and edit
user options, please see page
22 and page 23.
Set Time and Date settings
for your local time� This oven
maintains a data log which
is used to diagnose and
troubleshoot errors� An accurate
date and time are important for
the data log�
Power Off Oven
At the end of the day,
turn the oven o󰀨 by
touching the green
“Power” icon on the screen. The
oven will begin cooling down�
The oven fan will continue to
run to cool the oven�
“Cooling Down” screen appears
and stays on until oven
temperature is below 200°F
Caution: To avoid
damage to the convection
motor do not turn o󰀨 power
by unplugging the unit or
shutting o󰀨 the power breaker
until the fan stops.