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Original Instructions
Preprogrammed Menu
Cooking with Preprogrammed Menu Items
1� After oven has preheated to desired temperature, open oven door,
place food in oven and close door
2� Scroll to choose desired food item from menu and touch the food
item you wish to cook� The cook cycle will begin and screen will show
remaining cook time�
Note: If “Preheat Warning” is enabled (customized user setting, see page
23), and preheat temperature diers from default preheat temperature,
the control will interrupt cook cycle�
To guarantee that oven reaches desired temperature before cook cycle
begins, enable “Preheat Warning” in user options�
3� At the end of the cooking cycle, the oven beeps, and displays animation�
Use oven mitts and/or paddle to carefully remove food from oven�
The home screen on the oven displays recipe options. Scroll up and down with your nger to navigate through
on screen menus and recipes� After the oven has preheated, the menu appears� The high speed oven comes
preprogrammed with several menu items to simplify cooking�
Note: Please see the next page for settings of each preprogrammed menu item�
Standard Preprogrammed Menu Items:
1� Breakfast Casserole
2� Breakfast Sandwich
3� Omelet
4� Tuna Melt
5� Crab Cakes
6� Pizza
7� Reuben Panini
8� Mu󰀨uletta Panini
9� Fish Tacos
10� Salmon
11� Roasted Vegetables
12� Baked Potato
13� Ice Cream Sandwich
14� Grilled Pineapple
15� Chicken Wings
16� Fries
17� Shrimp