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Manual Cooking
Note: “Manual cooking” must be enabled in user options (see page 22 and page 23 )
Use manual cooking when a specic entered time and cooking power levels are desired. It’s very useful when you
are experimenting with new food items� Maximum cook time is 99:99 (100 minutes and 13 seconds)Microwave
and Fan can be set to power levels between 0-100%�
Note: You may also create and edit recipes using the ACP Programming Application�
1� After oven has preheated touch blue menu icon�
Note: To guarantee that oven reaches the desired temperature
before the start of cook cycle, enable “Preheat Warning” in user
2� Touch the “Manual Recipe” option�
3� To change cooking temperature for recipe, touch temperature
icon on the left, and input new temperature� Two frequently used
temperatures will appear for quick selection�
Touch green check mark after inputting a temperature�
4� For Stage 1, enter cooking time by touching time entry box�
A number pad will appear� Enter the desired cook time�
Touch the “OK” icon.
5� Select desired microwave power by touching microwave power
entry box� Choose from options ranging from 0% - 100%�
6� Select desired fan speed by touching fan speed entry box�
Choose from options ranging from 0% - 100%�
7� Repeat steps 4-6 for each cooking stage, if more than one
cooking stage is necessary
Note: To save without cooking rst, touch the save icon.
Follow instructions on the next page�
8� Open oven door and place food in oven� Touch green
check mark icon to begin cooking�
Once the cook cycle is complete, open door and use oven mitts
and/or paddle to carefully remove food�
The display will return to the manual input screen� See
instructions on next page to save and edit menu item from
manual cook�