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Original Instructions
Cooking Tips
Total Cook Time:1:30
Temperature: 520° F (270°C)
Stage 1 Stage 2
Time 1:00 :30
Microwave 100% 90%
Fan 80% 60%
Cooking Tips
1� Metal containers can be used in the ARX & MRX oven with a height no more than 1½ inches (38mm). Di󰀨erent types of metal
conduct heat at di󰀨erent speeds. Aluminum heats faster than stainless steel. Avoid using silicone pans and accessories.
2� Stage cooking aids in retaining the quality of frozen and delicate foods�
Finishing baked goods at 0% Microwave and Fan is a great way to get the added browning and crisping without overcooking�
3� Take advantage of the accessories:
Cook Plate Shelf Accessory (CP10): Aids in browning and crisping of breads, pizzas, and more�
Non-Stick Basket (SB10S, TB10S, MB10S): Aids in browning and crisping of food� Also makes cleaning up easier
Great for breaded products like chicken ngers, fries, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers. (SB10S, TB10S, MB10S have solid bottom)
Pizza Stone(ST10R): Aids in crisping and browning breads and pizzas�
Panini Grill Accessory (RGR10): Aids in adding grill marks on a product�
Oven Paddle (PA10, PA10R): Aids in removal of sandwiches and pizza from ARX and MRX high speed combination ovens� PA10R
paddle designed to store under ARX and MRX ovens with installed LG10 leg kit (purchased separately)�
Non-Stick Liner Kit (TL10R): Make cleanup easier and protect oven components�
Leg Kit (LG10): Lifts oven 4 inches (102 mm)�
Oven Back Cover (BC10R): Color-matched back cover hides spacers, power cord, vents and labels� Allows for open platform, front of
the house installation�
Stacking Cart (SC10R): Cart used for stacking neatly installing 2 ovens, one on each shelf, with accessory shelf below
Top Shelf Accessory (TS10R): Accessory rack with sides for top-of-oven installation� Allows operator to conveniently store and access
paddle, baskets, etc�
Ceramic Dish: Great for foods that need to be contained such as ready-to-serve foods, cut vegetables or soups. (Available o󰀨 the shelf)
4� The most frequently used oven temperature is 520º F (270º C)�
Reduce the oven temperature if the product is cooked for an extended period of time�
5� Line pans with parchment paper for easy removal of food after heating and cleaning�
6� Mu󰀩n tins (6 cup) work great for individual cakes & brownies.
Spray with cooking spray prior to cooking for easy removal of food after heating�
7� Frequent cleaning prevents unnecessary buildup that may a󰀨ect the oven performance.
8� Use a cleaner such as ACP Oven Cleaner (CL10 (US), CL10W (EU)) & ACP Oven Shield Protectant (SH10 (US), PR10W
(EU)), or another cleaning product that does NOT contain ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, sodium hydroxide or potassium
hydroxide as they can damage critical oven parts and may void the warranty on those parts� For best results, use non-stick
liners and replace whenever you encounter excessive peeling or wear
9� Items will be hot when nished cooking. Use oven mitt, tongs ,or pizza paddle to safely remove items from oven.
When to Use Stage Cooking
Stage cooking enables you to use up to four di󰀨erent cooking cycles or stages to be used consecutively without
repeated input from the user� Stage cooking can be set to defrost food initially, then cook it, and then keep the food
warm until serving time�
Note: Maximum cook time cannot exceed 99:99 (100 minutes and 39 seconds)�