Owner's Manual

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Part No. 20217501
Original Instructions
1. Door Handle
Ergonomically designed for one handed operation�
2. Unit Serial Number
Located inside the door and on the back of the oven�
3. Air Filters
The oven has 3 magnetic air lters. Two located on the
lower sides of the oven and one located below the door
4. Touch Screen Display
Display provides user interface� Use for time input,
programming and oven operation
5. ON/OFF Button
Use to turn oven on�
6. USB Port / Protective Cover
The oven is equipped with an USB Data Port� Use with
standard ash drives.
7. Ethernet Port
The oven is equipped with an Ethernet Port� Use with
standard Ethernet cables�
8. Cook Plate (CP10)
The oven is equipped with a removable cook plate which
aids in browning and crisping of breads, pizzas, and more�
9. Emergency Power Reset Button
The oven is equipped with an emergency power reset
button which allows users to quickly and easily restart the
oven—without accessing the power source�
To access reset button:
a� Remove front magnetic air lter.
b� Reach through far left-hand air intake hole and press
upwards on button to reset oven