MasterSwitch 100V – User Guide
Accessing the Console Program
There are two methods of accessing the console program: via the serial port or via telnet.
Via the Serial Port
1) Connect one end of the cable that came with the MasterSwitch to the connector labeled “Serial
Port” at the front of the MasterSwitch .
2) Connect the remaining end of the cable to the serial port of the terminal (or terminal emulator).
3) Set the terminal serial port for 19200 baud and press <Enter>.
Via telnet
1) Type telnet <ip> (where <ip> is the ip address of the MasterSwitch to which you wish to
connect. Using telnet requires that the ip address of the MasterSwitch be previously set
(using bootp or the console program via the serial port).
When the User Name: prompt appears, enter the default, case-sensitive user-name (apc) and press
<Enter>. At the Password: prompt, enter the default password (apc) and press <Enter>.
The Main Menu
When the correct username/password, the main configuration menu shown in Figure 2 appears:
American Power Conversion Ethernet MasterSwitch v1.1.0
www.apcc.com (c) Copyright 1998 All Rights Reserved
Name : MasterSwitch #2 Contact : Joe User
Location : Engineering Lab
MasterSwitch Up Time : 0 Days 1 Hours 22 Minutes 43 Seconds
-----Current MasterSwitch Status ---------------------------------------------
Device 1:OFF Device 2:ON Device 3:ON Device 4:ON
Device 5:ON Device 6:ON Device 7:ON Device 8:ON
-----Control Console ---------------------------------------------------------
1- Outlet Manager
2- Network
3- MasterSwitch
4- Logout
?- Help
<ENTER> Redisplay Menu
<ESC> Refresh Main Menu
Figure 2: Main Menu
From the main menu, the user may view overall status of the MasterSwitch and access the various submenu
“trees” available. The Outlet Manager submenu tree provides configuration and control of outlets. The
Network submenu tree allows configuration and viewing of the various network operation parameters such as
ip address and other data. The MasterSwitch submenu tree is for general configuration of passwords, baud-
rate and other setup information.