MasterSwitch 100V – User Guide
If HTTP network configuration is disabled, only the console program may be used to configure the
MasterSwitch operation.
Note: Shortcut keys are available from anywhere in the console program:
<CTRL-C> Returns to the main menu
<CTRL-O> Toggles between outlet menus.
SNMP Submenu
From the Network submenu, the SNMP submenu allows the user to specify up to four access-control groups
and trap receivers in addition to specifying other information used by SNMP.
---- SNMP ---------------------------------------------------------------------
1- Access Control 1
2- Access Control 2
3- Access Control 3
4- Access Control 4
5- Trap Receiver 1
6- Trap Receiver 2
7- Trap Receiver 3
8- Trap Receiver 4
9- System
10- Summary
?- Help
<ENTER> Redisplay Menu
<ESC> Return To Previous Menu
Figure 14: SNMP Submenu
SNMP Summary Page
The summary page displays the overall settings for the SNMP operation of the MasterSwitch.
Note: SNMP options may not be changed from the SNMP Summary Page.
SNMP Configuration Summary
sysName : Unknown
sysLocation : Unknown
sysContact : Unknown
Access Control Summary
# Community Access NMS IP
1 public Read
2 public Read
3 public Read
4 public Read
Trap Receiver Summary
# Community Generation Authentication Receiver NMS IP
1 public Disabled Enabled
2 public Disabled Enabled
3 public Disabled Enabled
4 public Disabled Enabled
Figure 15: SNMP Summary Page