MasterSwitch 100V – User Guide
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SNMP Access Control Submenu
---- Access Control 1 ----------------------------------------------------------
Access Control Summary
# Community Access NMS IP
1 public Read
2 public Read
3 public Read
4 public Read
1- Community : public
2- Access Type : Read
3- NMS IP Address :
4- Accept Changes :
?- Help
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Figure 16: Access Control Submenu
From here the SNMP community string, read/write access and NMS ip address may be set for a Network
Management Station.
Note: These Access Control settings must be configured correctly before the MasterSwitch
will respond to gets and sets from a NMS. A setting of indicates no NMS
MasterSwitch Submenu
From the main menu, select option 3 to enter the MasterSwitch submenu. This submenu permits
configuration and review of general settings required for operation as the menu indicates:
---- MasterSwitch ------------------------------------------------------------
1- Passwords
2- Tools
3- Control Console
4- About MasterSwitch
?- Help
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Figure 17: MasterSwitch Submenu
Password Submenu
The Password submenu allows the user to change user name/password pairs and set the automatic logout
feature, which automatically logs the user out after the specified number of minutes of inactivity on any
session (HTTP, telnet or serial port).