MasterSwitch 100V – User Guide
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Chapter 1:
The APC MasterSwitch is a network-manageable power control unit (PCU) that allows you complete,
independent control of power to eight relay-controlled outlets. This control is programmable using any of the
following strategies:
nWeb-based control. The MasterSwitch features embedded Web management.
nSimple network management protocol (SNMP) control. The MasterSwitch comes with its own
and MIB-II compliant MIB (APC MasterSwitch-MIB) to allow a remote network
management station to use
SNMP to program control of the MasterSwitch and its eight outlets.
nConsole control. The MasterSwitch has a built-in serial port which allows you to connect a terminal
(or terminal emulator) directly to the MasterSwitch to use its internal console program to configure
power control.
nTelnet support. The MasterSwitch provides a telnet interface that permits remote access to the
terminal console program.
Note: MasterSwitch Web control functions and the MasterSwitch console program
are protected by a user name/password pair. The default user name is apc, in
lower case. The default password is apc.
Note: This guide focuses on providing information on how to use SNMP, telnet, or a terminal
to program the MasterSwitch. Information on how to program the MasterSwitch
its embedded Web management feature is provided by a separate on-line help
application that focuses solely on how to use the Web management capabilities.
The MasterSwitch is a network manageable power control unit (PCU) that:
nConnects a single 100VAC, 50/60Hz input to eight 100VAC, 50/60Hz outlets. The overall output of
these outlets is limited to
15 amps and protected by a resettable 15-amp circuit breaker. The outlets,
circuit breaker and inlet connector are all located on the MasterSwitch rear panel.
nAllows programmable control of the MasterSwitch, such as defining a delay between power coming
on for the MasterSwitch and master power going to the outlets, or turning on, off or rebooting all
outlets at one time.
nAllows independent, programmable control over each of its eight outlets, such as defining when an
outlet will provide power after master power is provided, or turning on, off or rebooting each outlet
individually without affecting the output from any other outlet.
nIs designed to mount in an APC NetShelter
and connect to a UPS for its input power.
Note: The MasterSwitch does not provide power protection. Therefore, APC does not
recommend plugging the MasterSwitch directly into any unprotected power
source, such as a wall outlet.