Operation Manual

1 Close door
2 Teach radio channel 2
- Teach button 2 of the remote control on radio channel 2 of the radio
receiver (see under R)
3 set DIP switch 2 to position “ON”: Adapt function mode of the safety
- only if 2 press buttons are attached, otherwise the safety connection
(terminal 1 + 2) e.g. for a light barrier can be used.
4 Put DIP switch 8 in position “ON” (activates partial opening)
Press key 2 of the hand transmitter or press button 2 (open door from
“CLOSED” end position).
- Door open until key 2 of the hand transmitter or press button 2 is
pressed a second time, or the door has reached the “DOOR OPEN”
Press key 2 of the hand transmitter or the press button 2 on reaching
the desired position.
Close door with key 2 of the hand transmitter or press button 2.
The desired partial opening is now stored and can be directly activated
with button 2 of the remote control or wall switch 2.
To cancel the partial opening, set DIP switch 8 to the “OFF” position.
Press button 1/radio channel 1 opens and press button 2/radio channel 2
closes the door.
2-channel operation can also be used only with wall switch or remote con-
trol. If 2 channel operation is only controlled via the hand transmitter, the
safety connection is also available.
1 Set DIP switch 2 to “ON” position if only wall switch 2 is connected.
2 Put DIP switch 7 in Position “ON”
3 Put DIP switch 8 in Position “OFF”
4 Teach the second key of the hand transmitter on radio channel 2.
If a warning light is attached, this indicates whether the door is closed or
opened. The warning light shines, if the door is not “CLOSED”.
1 Set DIP switch 4 in Position “ON”
2 Connect warning light 24 V to terminals 5 + 6 (see above).
1 LED (29) shows the condition of the control unit. If the LED flashes, no
power value has been taught. In normal operation, LED (29) behaves in
the same way as a connected warning light.
2 Wire bridge (31): if the drive mechanism is to be operated without soft
running, the wire bridge can be cut. Soft running is then deactivated.
Alternative: Use of a TorMinal, see U.
APERTO 868 L and APERTO 868 LX only
Control programmer for individual programming of the L control unit.
For further information, see TorMinal user instructions.
Chains and tracks that become very dirty should be cleaned with a
clean cloth.
Lubricate the chain once a year with chain lubricant e.g. WD 40.
Check that all screws and bolts are tightened. Tighten, additionally,
where necessary.
Check safety devices for correct operation regularly, but at least once a
Check the door according to manufacturer‘s instructions, but at least
once a year.
Check regularly:
a) Disconnection. Stop hinged double door during opening and closing.
The door must stop if it encounters slight resistance.
b) Emergency unlocking device: door must be easy to unlock by hand.
c) Light barrier, if present: open/close door and interrupt light barrier.
Proceed as set on DIP switch.
The sequence of operations is identical to that described in the Section
entitled „Installation“ but in reverse order.
The setting procedures described are not applicable.
If you require after-sales service, spare parts or accessories, please
contact your specialist retailer.
Important: - In the event the main cable to the 800 N tractive force drive
becomes damaged, the equipment should be sent to the manufacturer
(the main cable is not replaceable).
Thank you for buying an Aperto unit. We are sure you will enjoy many ye-
ars of reliable service.