Operation Manual

Our new garage door openers, APERTO 868 S, APERTO 868 L and
APERTO 868 LX combine reliability with innovation. The Aperto 868 S
replaces the previous Aperto 1000 and our new L drives receive additional
functions and connection types (e.g. soft run, 2. Tracer, defined operation
direction, interface to the TorMinal etc.). Previous drives can be upgraded
by retrofitting the controls as appropriate, since the control connections
are compatible.
A new safety standard defines the radio frequency of 868.8 MHz used.
This radio works with a rolling code swap system, which changes the
code after each radio instruction and thus offers optimum security.
Normal Use
Doors automated with a drive mechanism must comply with the follo-
wing standards: EN 12604, EN 12605.
The garage door drive mechanism is exclusively designed for opening
and closing garage doors. Any other use does not constitute normal
use. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage resulting from
use other than normal use. The user accepts sole responsibility for any
risk thereby incurred.
Only use the garage door opener drive mechanism if it is in perfect
working order.
Only use the garage door drive mechanism in dry, non-hazardous areas.
The garage doors opener is intended for private use.
Safety Instructions
Allgemeine Sicherheitshinweise
Caution! Failure to follow instructions may result in serious injuries.
These assembly and operating instructions must be read, understood
and followed by persons who assemble, use or perform maintenance
on the opener.
The manufacture assumes no liability for injuries, damage or interrupti-
ons that arise because of the failure to follow the assembly and opera-
ting instructions.
Make sure that these assembly and operating instructions are kept in
an accessible location in the garage. The person responsible for instal-
ling the drive mechanism must present a declaration of conformity for
the door system in accordance with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
and apply the CE symbol and a type plate.
Garage Door Drive Mechanism
Never allow children to operate or play with drive mechanisms. Keep
remote controls out of the reach of children.
Observe and comply with the locally applicable accident prevention
regulations and EC standards.
Consider and observe the “Power Operated Windows, Doors and Gates
-ZH 1/494” guidelines of the professional association.
Only install the door drive mechanism on doors that have been correctly
aligned and counterweighted. A door that has not been aligned correctly
can cause serious injuries.
If possible, install the drive mechanism at least 2.10 m above the floor.
The drive mechanism must be checked every month. The garage door
must return to the ground if it comes into contact with an object 50 mm
high. 22. After the force or the end positions have been adjusted (slide
switch), the drive mechanism must be checked again. The power setting
is relevant to safety and must be carried out with the utmost caution.
If possible, only use the emergency trip control when the garage door is
closed. Do not use it if the door is open. Weak or broken springs may
cause the door to fall, which in turn may lead to serious injury.
Always pull out the mains plug before working on the drive mechanism.
Never put your hand near the door when it is moving or near moving
Keep children and handicapped persons away from the door.
Only pass through the door if this is completely opened.
There is danger of crushing and cutting at the closing edges and the
gate mechanism.
Radio Remote Control
Radio remote control is only permissible for equipment and systems
where radio remote control of transmitters or receivers results in no risk
to persons or property or where such risk is eliminated by other safety
Do not use the manually-operated remote control near locations or in-
stallations that are suscptible to radio interference (airports, hospitals).
Radio remote control may only be operated after a non-hazardous force
value has been set. This force must be set low enough to ensure that
the closing pressure poses no risk of injury (see Section entitled „Force
Radio remote control may only be used if movement of the door can
be supervised and there are no persons or objects in the area of move-
Caution! There is a danger of crush injuries and cuts at edges subject
to wear.
Keep the manually operated remote control in a safe place so that it
cannot be operated unintentionally, for example by children.
References to the radio regulations
Our radio remote control has general approval.
Interference must not be caused to wired telecommunication facilities
intended for public transport and other radio installations.
The operator of the radio communication system does not enjoy any
protection from interference from other telecommunication installations
and final mechanisms (including other radio communication systems,
which are duly operated in the same frequency band). If substantial
interference occurs, please contact your appropriate Telecommunication
Office which has radio interference measuring equipment (radiolocati-
Radio remote control may only be used if movement of the door can
be supervised and there are no persons or objects in the area of move-
In principle, no radio communication system may be connected with
other telecommunication installations without permission of the authori-
sing agency.
Before assembly
Walls and covers must be firm and stable. Only install the
drive on a correctly aligned door. A wrongly aligned door
could cause serious injuries.
Doors must be stable in themselves, since high tensile and compressive
forces are encountered. Strengthen lightweight doors made of plastic or
aluminium gates, if necessary, before assembly. Ask specialist dealers
for advice.
If the drive is installed with a rail extension on a heavy gate, always use
a second ceiling mount.
Check the distance between point of gate maximum run (THP) and the
ceiling. It must be at least. 35 mm and max. 65 mm, and the thrust arm
may be located in an angle of up to 30°. If the distance is smaller, the
drive must be shifted to the rear and an extended connecting rod must
be installed, ask specialist dealers for advice.
Remove door bolting devices or make then non-functioning.
Check ease of door operation.
The door must be counterbalanced.
Half open door by hand. It must remain stationary in this position. If the
gate runs upward or downwards – re-adjust the gate mechanically. Ask
specialist dealers for advice.
Installation tips
If you check the components supplied before you begin assembly, then
you will save time and unnecessary work if a part is missing.
If the drive cannot be installed in the centre of the gate, then it may be
shifted. Make certain that the gate does not distort and thus bind on the
Open and close the door by hand several times at the location where
the drive is to be installed. If the door can be operated easily in a locati-
on (while not exceeding the prescribed forces), the drive can be instal-
Technical data
868 S 868 L 868 LX
Rated frequency 220 ...240 V/AC 220 ...240 V/AC 220 ...240 V/AC
Nennfrequenz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Degree of protection IP 20 IP 20 IP20
max. tensile and compress force 550 N 550 N 800 N
Rate tensile force 165 N 165 N 240 N
Rated current consumption 0.6 A 0.7 A 0.8 A
Rated wattage 120 W 140 W 160 W
max. speed. 140 mm/s 160 mm/s 150 mm/s
“Stand-by” wattage 7 W 7 W 2 W
Operating time 15 % 15 % 15 %