BBP115 Windshield, Dash or Console Mount for Blackberry Pearl 8100
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Safety Precautions
Do not install Arkon products over an air bag cover or within the air
bag deployment zone. Arkon Resources, Inc. assumes no responsibility
of liability for injury or death as a result of car crashes and/or air bag
Arkon Resources, Inc. is not responsible for any damages caused to
your car, your device, or yourself due to the installation of this
mounting solution.
1. Locate a safe, flat surface on the dash
or console to mount the pedestal.
Clean the dash with the alcohol pad
provided. Let the dash surface dry
before applying the adhesive disc (G).
2. Push the pedestal suction cup firmly
to the disc (G). Flip the lever (H) down
to secure the pedestal's suction cup to
the top of the adhesive disc.
Dash Installation
Windshield Installation
CM014-KST-2 CC003-BBP
2. Push the pedestal suction cup (A) firmly to the windshield.
Flip the lever (B) down to secure the suction cup.
Pedestal Adjustment Instructions
1. Adjust the angle of the arm by loosening the adjustment knob (C).
Adjust the angle and rotation of the pedestal (E) head by loosening the
swivel-tightening knob (D ).
2. Attach the cradle (F) to the pedestal head (E) by sliding the Dual T-tabs
on the head of the pedestal into the dual T-slots on the back of the cradle.
1. Choose the best location on vehicle to place the mount. Do not place
mount in or near an air bag deployment zone or where it will obstruct
view of the road.
360 Swivel

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