User Manual

Before installing or removing cables, ensure that the system is turned o, and
all power cables for the system and all attached devices are unplugged.
1. Follow the directions of your chassis manual and secure your ROG STRIX power supply unit
into your chassis using the mounting screws.
2. Connect the bundled cables to your ROG STRIX power supply unit.
3. Connect the power connectors to your motherboard and peripheral devices according
to your preference. You may refer to the list below to check which devices each power
connector can be connected to.
• The power connectors may vary between dierent models of ROG STRIX
Power Supply Units.
• Refer to your motherboard’s user manual for more information on the
location and connecting the power connectors mentioned below.
• Connectthe24-pinor20-pinMain Power Connectortothemotherboard’s24-pinor
• Connectthe4+4pinCPU +12V Power Connector to the CPU power socket on the
• Connectthe4-pinPeripheral Power Connector to peripheral devices if needed.
• Connectthe6+2pinPCI-E +12V Power ConnectortothePCI-Egraphicscard.
• ConnecttheSATA Power Connector to devices with a Serial ATA interface.
4. Connect your ROG STRIX Power Supply Unit to a power source using the bundled power
5. Flip the Power Switch to the I” position to turn on your power supply unit
Installing your ROG STRIX Power Supply Unit
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