User Manual

Safety information
Notice labels
• Highvoltagesarepresentinthepowersupplyunit,itisextremelydangerousto
open the power supply case or attempt to repair/clean the power supply unit. You
should NEVER, under any circumstances, open the power supply unit.
• TheWarrantywillbecomevoidifthecoverofthepowersupplyunitisopened;there
are no serviceable components inside the power supply unit.
• DO NOT insert any objects into the power supply unit.
• DO NOT place any objects in front of the fan or the ventilation area of the power
supply unit that may obstruct or restrict the airow.
• USE ONLY the modular cables bundled with the power supply unit.
• DO NOT use the power supply unit near water, or in high temperature or high
humidity environments.
• Thepowersupplyunitshouldbeoperatedinsuitableenvironment.
(Operating temperature: 0° to 50°C, Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%)
• Thepowersupplyunitisforintegrationintoacomputer,andnotintendedfor
• Failuretocomplywithanymanufacturerinstructionsandanyofthesafety
instructions will immediately void all warranties and guarantees.