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The CL3100 USB VGA LCD Console is a short depth single rail LCD KVM console featuring an 18.5"
LED-backlit widescreen LCD monitor with an integrated keyboard and touchpad. The short-depth
design fits all 19" equipment cabinets, and is especially suitable for shallow racks. The CL3100
provides an ideal space-saving solution for special environments such as outside broadcast vans (OB
vans) and compact control rooms.
The CL3100 is a dedicated front end sliding console for compatible VGA KVM switches. For added
convenience, users can choose to manage the computer from an external console. The CL3100
features a port for an external USB mouse on the unit’s front panel, while ports for the second KVM
console (USB keyboard/mouse and VGA monitor) are provided on the rear panel. The CL3100 also
includes two mini stereo ports for connecting audio speakers.
With a rich feature set, the CL3100 is designed to exceed the requirements for space utility
optimization, adaptive deployment, and operational versatility, and is ideal for applications such as
mobile live streaming in the broadcasting sector or control rooms with limited space in any industry.
CL3100NX: 18.5" LCD screen with resolution of 1366 x 768
1U Ultra Short Depth Single Rail WideScreen LCD Console
CL3100 Front view
CL3100 Rear view

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