The CV-131A and CV-131B are PS/2 to SUN interface
converters. They translate PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse signals
to Sun keyboard and mouse signals, allowing you to easily and
conveniently integrate Sun servers into an IBM compatible
KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) installation. All computers on
the installation can be controlled from a single PC style console.
The CV-131A / CV-131B fully supports ATEN PS/2 KVM
switches. ATEN KVM switches are designed in two basic types:
Those that use specially designed 15 pin Special High Density
connectors (SPHD-15) to transmit the KVM date between the
switch to the computers; and those that use statndard PS/2 and
VGA connectors.
The CV-131A and CV-131B are identical in their functions,
except that the CV-131A is for use with SPHD-15 switches,
whereas the CV-131B is designed for PS/2-VGA switches.
The CV-131A / CV-131B both take advantage of the USB bus
to transfer keyboard and mouse input to the SUN system. This
provides fast, reliable, data transfers, and makes for a neat and
tidy installation.
Mulitiple keyboard language support (American English,
Japanese, French) is built in. Hotkeys, rather than complicated
DIP switches, are used to set up the keyboand language
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