Installation is simply a matter of plugging in the cables. Refer to
the installation diagram as you perform the steps below.
Note: Make sure that all the equipment to be connected up is
powered Off and properly grounded.
1. Plug the KVM switch end of the converter cable into any
available CPU port on the KVM switch.
M For SPHD-15 type switches, plug in the CV-131A’s single
SPHD-15 connector.
M For PS/2 type switches, plug the CV-131B’s keyboard,
monitor, and mouse connectors into their respective ports
in the CPU section of the switch.
Note: SUN workstations use a three button mouse. To fully
emulate its functions, you need to use a three button
PS/2 mouse.
2. Plug the other end of the cable into the Sun station’s USB
and video ports.
- 3 -
PS/2 Switch
SPHD-15 Switch