Hotkey Operation
Hotkeys are used to select the keyboard layout, reset the USB,
select the CV-131A / CV-131B’s operating platform, and obtain
system setting information.
The Hotkey entry method is as follows:
1. Press and hold either Ctrl key
2. Press and release the F12 Function key
3. Press and release the appropriate hotkey (see below)
4. Release the Ctrl key
1. After changing the keyboard language layout, you
must restart your system.
2. Be sure that a text editor is running before using
the system setting information hotkey.
The following table shows the Hotkeys and their functions:
Hotkey Function
Ctrl + F12, 3, 3 Selects the American English keyboard layout
Ctrl + F12, 0, 8 Selects the French keyboard layout
Ctrl + F12, 1, 5 Selects the Japanese keyboard layout
Ctrl + F12, F5 USB reset
Ctrl + F12, F3 Selects the Sun system platform
Ctrl + F12, F4 Provides system setting information
The system setting information hotkey returns a code that looks
similar to the example, below:
O 03 L 33
Where O 03 represents the Sun operating platform, and L 33
represents the American English keyboard language.
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