Sun Keyboard Emulation
The PS/2 (101/104) key keyboard can emulate the functions of
the SUN keyboard when the Control key (Ctrl) is used in
conjunction with other keys. The corresponding functions are
shown in the table below.
Note: When using Control Key ([Ctrl]) combinatons, press and
release the Control key, then press and release the
activation key.
[Ctrl] [T] Stop
[Ctrl] [F2] Again
[Ctrl] [F3] Props
[Ctrl] [F4] Undo
[Ctrl] [F5] Front
[Ctrl] [F6] Copy
[Ctrl] [F7] Open
[Ctrl] [F8] Paste
[Ctrl] [F9] Find
[Ctrl] [F10] Cut
[Ctrl] [1]
[Ctrl] [2]
[Ctrl] [3]
[Ctrl] [4]
[Ctrl] [H] Help
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