10/100/1000Mbps NWay Gigabit Ethernet Card for 32/64 bit PCI Bus-
equipped personal computers: ideal for speeding up data transfers for network
servers and other computers such as those used for video-conferencing, that
send and/or receive large amounts of data. Includes latest networking
technologies, such as VLAN and multicasting support, that use network
bandwidth more efficiently and further help cards to maximize data throughput.
Plug-and-Play, Full Duplex support for 10/100/1000Mbps data rates and Built-
in 8 KByte Transmit and 32 KByte Receive data FIFOs.
Company certified ISO 9001:2000
32/64 bit Gigabit Ethernet Card
A02-SG32 / A02-SG64 / A02-SG64-F
? Plug&Play installation
? Support Full duplex mode (up to 2000Mbps
? Full duplex Flow control
? Built-in FIFO buffers (40KB)
? IP/TCP Checksum Offload and Jumbo Frames
? VLAN and QoS

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