Product Data Sheet / Brochure

Powerful User Access Control
Grant access to specified
users or implement LDAP
directory authentication.
Limit KVM access to specific
targets on the switch.
Enable smart card or CAC
readers to support two
factor authentication.
Streamlined Management
Virtual Media support allows servers
to access storage media attached to
the KVM, enabling out-of-band file
transfers and OS patch deployments.
Local Port Access
Support for virtual media,
USB keyboards and mice.
Single Solution
Support for USB, PS/2, Sun and serial
target devices in a single solution.
Graphical, Multilingual OSD
Advanced, graphical On-Screen
Display eases system configuration
and server selection.
CAT-5, thin cabling saves space in
the rack and allows up to a 30 meter
distance between the server and
the switch.
Intelligent Cabling
Server interface modules and
integrated access cables automatically
assign and retain unique server names
for each attached server.
Server Management for Small Data
Centers and Remote/Branch Oices
Unplanned interruptions in service can
have damaging eects on business no
matter the scope or size of the data
center. Whether the data center is in a
closet, next to a desk or across the globe
in a remote oice, IT professionals need
tools that provide consolidated,
streamlined access to server resources.
The Avocent® AV3000 series of KVM
over IP switching solutions provides
streamlined management and control of
server resources all from a single console.
Flexible and Scalable
The Avocent AV3000 KVM over IP
portfolio is available in two options to
support dierent needs. The AV3108
switch supports one local and one remote
user and up to eight server or serial
devices. The AV3216 supports up to two
local and one remote user and 16 server
or serial devices.
When in share mode, additional,
authenticated users can share remote
sessions for a total of up to 4 remote,
concurrent users. Each AutoView switch
supports VGA, Display Port, DVI and
HDMI video targets and four USB 2.0
ports for USB enabled devices. When
additional systems are added, AutoView
switches can be tiered to provide
consolidated management of up to 256
server or serial devices.
Streamlined Management
The Avocent AV3000 series KVM over IP
switch ships with two intuitive, integrated
management interfaces. The OSCAR
on-screen display for local access and the
Web User Interface for remote
management. Additionally, AV3000 series
KVM over IP switches are compatible with
Avocent DSViewTM management
software for consolidated management
across the infrastructure.
In high security environments, CAC
support with encryption for smart cards
and password protection for local users,
provides security you can depend on for
your virtual media sessions. Encryption
options include 128-bit SSL, AES, DES and
3DES and they can be selected for
keyboard, mouse and video signals and
virtual media sessions.
Avocent AV3108 and AV 3216 KVM switches are designed for local and
remote management of server resources.

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