Application Notes

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Application Notes
Electric Paint
Electric Paint is available in 10ml tubes and 50ml jars. It is a nontoxic, water based,
water soluble, electrically conductive paint, intended for applications with circuits using
low DC voltages at low currents. Electric Paint adheres to a wide variety of substrates
and is easily removed with water. It is black in color and can be painted over with any
material compatible with a water-based paint. Please see the Electric Paint MSDS for
precautionary information.
Electrically conductive
Works with low voltage DC power sources at low currents (see “Power Sources” p.2) Powers small devices
Can be used as a potentiometer
Compatible with many standard printing processes
Color / Black
Viscosity / Highly viscous and shear sensitive (thixotropic)
Density / 1.16 g/ml
Sheet Resistance / 55Ω/sq at 50 micron lm thickness or approximately 32Ω/Sq when applied using
a brush (see p.3)
Vehicle / Water-based
Shelf Life / 6 months after opening
Drying Temperature / Electric Paint should be allowed to dry at room temperature for 5 – 15 minutes.
Drying time can be reduced by placing Electric Paint under a warm lamp or other
low intensity heat source.

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