Dragonfly Energy Corp. (“the Manufacturer”) warrants each Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born
Batteries branded Li-ion battery (“the Product”) sold by Dragonfly Energy, Battle Born Batteries,
or any of its authorized distributors or dealers, to be free of defects for a period of 10 years
(“the Warranty Period”) from the date of sale as determined by either the customer’s sale
receipt, the shipping invoice and/or the battery serial number, with proof of purchase. Within
the first 8 years of the Warranty Period, subject to the exclusions listed below, the
Manufacturer will credit, replace or repair, if serviceable, the Product and/or parts of the
Product, if the components in question are determined to be defective in material or
workmanship. After 8 years and up to 10 years, if the components in question are determined
to be defective in material or workmanship, and the Manufacturer deems the components to
be repairable, the Product will be repaired and returned. If the Manufacturer deems the
components to be not repairable, a new, similar Product will be offered at a discount of 30% off
of the price listed at the time of the offer. The offer will be valid for a period of 30 days after
the date of notification.
This Limited Warranty is to the original purchaser of the Product and is not transferable to any
other person or entity. Please contact the place of purchase regarding any warranty claim.
The Manufacturer has no obligation under this Limited Warranty for Product subjected to the
following conditions (including but not limited to):
Damage due to improper installation; loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling,
incorrect connections (series and parallel) for desired voltage and AH requirements, or
reverse polarity connections
Environmental damage; inappropriate storage conditions as defined by the Manufacturer;
exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage
Damage caused by collision
Damage due to improper maintenance; under- or over-charging the Product, dirty
terminal connections
Product that has been opened, modified or tampered with
Product that was used for applications other than which it was designed and intended for,
including repeated engine starting
Product that was used on an over-sized inverter/charger (any inverter/charger that is
rated to 3500 Watts or greater) without the use of a Manufacturer-approved current
surge limiting device

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