CAUTION: Sheet metal parts may have sharp edges or burrs. Use care and wear appropriate protective
clothing and gloves when handling parts. Failure to follow this caution could result in personal injury.
Recommend at least 2 people work together to install the awning. The hardware supplied is intended for concrete
OR brick wall installation. If you intend to attach the awning to other materials (e.g. wood), other fasteners are
required accordingly. Please make sure the fasteners for other materials installation must have the same or above
strength comparing with the provided expansion bolts for concrete surface installation.
1 Never use the awning during heavy rain, storms or frosty conditions. Please do not extend the awning when wind
is above Beaufort Scale 5 or 30MPH.
2 Keep the flammable objects away from the awning.
3 Do not put any heavy object on the awning while the awning is extending.
4 Check the awning once every month to make sure all bolts and nuts are not loosened. Should you find any loose
bolts, tighten up immediately. Do not use until any repair or replacement is finished, if find any damage parts.
5 Do not extend or retract the awning when maintenance, such as window or wall cleaning, is being carried out in
the vicinity.
6 The arms have high tension cables inside the chambers. Do not try to repair or adjust the arms.
7 This awning should be installed at the height 8’ off the deck/ground.
8. The awning has 1 year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects.
9. The installation should be carried out by at least two adults.
Make sure there is enough space for awning extension before installation.
use a mild detergent and warm water on the frames; do not use abrasive materials, cleansers, chemicals,
bleach or solvents on frames. Rinse with clean water. Dry thoroughly.
Frame finishes may be maintained by applying a quality auto wax after each cleaning. For best
results, always cover awning when not in use. We recommend plastic cover or you can purchase a winter cover
by contacting us directly. Always clean and dry the frame thoroughly before placing it in the storage cover.
Wipe up minor spots with a mild soap and a damp cloth. It is sufficient to brush off the dirt on the curtain
in most cases.
Dry the fabric in the extended position when it is wet as soon as possible.
This awing is packed in double corrugated carton box with inner poly bag. The spare parts are packed in separate
inner box or poly bag inside the master carton. If carton is broken or damaged, identify all parts against the parts list.
Do not attempt assembly if any parts are missing or damaged.
This awning should be kept away from fire and inflammable objects and should be stored in a dry place. Dry the
curtain in the extended position when it is wet.

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