GHS Pictograms:
Product Nam e : Premium Plus Ultra Flat White
Product Code: 4850
SDS Ma nufacture r Num ber: 4850
Manufa cture r Nam e : BEHR Proce ss Corpo ra tio n
Addre ss: 3400 W. Se ge rstrom Ave nue
Santa Ana , C A 92704
Ge ne ral Phone Num b e r: (714) 545-7101
Ge ne ral Fa x Num be r: (714) 241-1002
Custo m e r Se rvice P hone
Num b e r:
(800) 854-0133 e x t. 2
CHEMT R EC: For e m e rgencies in the US, ca ll CHEMTR EC: 800-424-9300
Canute c: In Ca nada, call CANUT EC: (613) 996-6666 (call co llect)
SDS Creation Da te: June 26, 2006
SDS Revisio n Da te : April 30, 2015
(M)SDS Fo rm a t:
Signa l W o rd: Warning.
GHS C la ss: Eye Irritant, C a te gory 2.
Sk in Irritant, C a tegory 2.
Acute O ral Tox icity, Cate gory 4
Hazard Sta te m e nts: Cause s e ye a nd skin irrita tio n.
Harm ful if swallo wed.
Preca utionary State m e nts: We a r protective clothing, glove s, e ye , and fa ce prote ctio n.
Do not e at, drink o r sm o k e whe n using this prod uct.
Take o ff conta m inate d clo thing and wash it be fo re re use.
Wash ha nds tho ro ughly a fter ha ndling.
Colle ct spillage a nd avoid re le a s e to the e nvironm e nt.
Dispo s e of unus e d contents, conta iner, a nd othe r co nta m ina te d wa stes in a ccorda nce with local, sta te,
federal, a nd provincial regulations.
If in eyes: Rinse cautio usly with wa te r fo r seve ral m inute s a nd rem ove co nta cts if present a nd easy to
do . Continue rinsing and ge t m e d ical atte ntion if e ye irrita tio n persists.
If on skin: Wa sh with ple nty of soap and wate r.
If swallowed: Rinse m outh and get m e dical atte ntio n if you feel unwe ll.
Emerge ncy O ve rvie w: Irrita nt.
Route of Exposure : Eyes. Sk in. Inha la tio n. Inge stion.
Potentia l He alth Effe cts:
Eye: Cause s e ye irrita tio n.
Sk in: Cause s sk in irrita tio n.
Inha la tio n: Prolonge d o r e x cessive inhalation m a y cause respirato ry tract irritation.
Inge stio n: Harm ful if swallo wed. Ma y cause vom iting.
Chronic He alth Effe cts: Prolonge d o r re pea te d conta ct m ay ca use skin irrita tio n.
Signs/Sym ptom s: Ove re x posure m ay ca use headache s and diz ziness.
Targe t Orga ns: Eyes. Sk in. Respirato ry s ystem . Digestive sys te m .
Aggra vation of Pre-Existing
Conditio ns:
None generally re cognized.
Chemical Name CA S# Ingredient Percent
EC Num.
Zinc ox ide 1314-13-2 1 - 5 by we ight
Silica, crystalline - cristo ba lite 14464-46-1 1 - 5 by we ight
Tita nium dioxide 13463-67-7 10 - 30 b y we ight
Product: Premium Plus Ultra Flat White | Manufacturer: BEHR Process Corporation | Revison:4/30/2015, Version:0
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