Product Nam e: PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Satin Enamel UPW
No. 7750
Product Code : 7750
MSDS Manufa cturer
Num ber:
Manufa cturer Nam e: BEHR Proce ss C orporatio n
Addre ss:
3400 W. Se gerstrom Ave nue
Sa nta Ana, C A 92704
Ge neral Phone Num be r: (714) 545-7101
Ge neral Fa x Num be r: (714) 241-1002
Custom e r Service Phone
Num ber:
(800) 854-0133 e x t. 2
CHEMTR EC : Fo r em e rgencie s in the US, ca ll C HEMTR EC: 800-424-
Canutec: In C a nada , call C ANUTEC: (613) 996-6666 (call collect)
MSDS C rea tion Date : Janua ry 30, 2007
MSDS R evisio n Da te: Dece m be r 30, 2011
MSDS Form a t: According to ANSI Z400.1-2004
1 0
Health Hazard 1
Fire Hazard 1
Reactivity 0
* Chronic Health
Chemical Name CA S# Ingredient Percent
Nephe line Sye nite 37244-96-5 5 - 10 by weight
Proprie ta ry No da ta 1 - 5 by we ight
Wa ter 7732-18-5 30 - 60 by we ight
Styrene/acrylic co po lym er No da ta 1 - 5 by we ight
Alum inum hydrox ide 21645-51-2 1 - 5 by we ight
Acrylic po lym e r(s) Trade Se cret 10 - 30 by weight
Titanium d iox ide 13463-67-7 10 - 30 by we ight
Silica, am o rphous, pre cip itate d a nd ge l 112926-00-8 1 - 5 by we ight
Em e rge ncy O ve rvie w: Irrita nt.
Potential Hea lth Effects:
Eye : May cause irrita tio n.
Skin: May cause irrita tio n.
Inha lation: Prolong e d or ex ce ss ive inha lation m ay cause res piratory tra ct irritation.
Ingestion: May be harm ful if swa llo we d. May cause vom iting.
Chronic He a lth Effe cts: Prolong e d or rep e a te d conta ct m ay caus e sk in irritation.
Signs /Sym ptom s: O ve re x p osure m ay cause he a da ches a nd dizzine ss.
Target O rga ns: Eyes. Sk in. Respira to ry system . Dige stive syste m .
Aggra va tion of Pre -Existing
Conditions :
None gene rally recognize d.
Eye Conta ct: Im m e d iately flush e yes with plenty o f wa te r for 15 to 20 m inute s. Ge t
m e d ical a ttention, if irrita tion or sym ptom s of overe x posure persis ts.
Sk in C onta ct: Im m e d iately wash sk in with soap a nd plenty of wate r.
Ge t m e dica l attention if irritation de velo ps or pe rsists.
Inhala tion: If inha led , rem ove to fresh air. I f not bre a thing, give artificial
respiration or g ive ox yge n by trained pe rsonne l. Seek im m ed iate
m e d ical a ttention.
Ing e stion: If swa llo we d, d o NOT induce vom iting. Call a phys ician or p ois on control
cente r im m ed iately. Neve r give a nything by m o uth to a n unconscious
pe rso n.
Product: PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Satin Enamel UPW No. 7750 | Manufacturer: BEHR Process Corporation | Revison:12/30/2011, Version:0
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