GHS Picto gram s :
Product Nam e: PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Satin Enamel UPW No. 7750
Product C od e : 7750
SDS Manufacture r Num b e r: 7750
Manufacture r Nam e : BEHR P rocess C o rpo ra tion
Addres s: 1801 E. St. Andre w Place
Sa nta Ana , CA 92705
Ge ne ra l Phone Num ber: (714) 545-7101
Ge ne ra l Fa x Num be r: (714) 241-1002
Custo m e r Se rvice P hone
Num be r:
(800) 854-0133 ex t. 2
CHEMTREC: Fo r e m e rge ncies in the US, call C HEMTR EC: 800-424-9300
Canute c: In Cana da , call CANUT EC: (613) 996-6666 (call co lle ct)
SDS C rea tio n Date : Janua ry 30, 2007
SDS R evision Date : O cto b e r 20, 2017
(M)SDS Form a t:
Signal W ord: W a rning.
GHS C lass: Eye Irritant, Cate go ry 2B.
Sk in Irrita nt, Ca te go ry 2.
Haza rd Sta te m e nts: Caus e s e ye irrita tio n.
Caus e s skin irrita tion.
Precautiona ry State m e nts: W e a r prote ctive clothing, glo ves, eye , a nd face protectio n.
Do not ea t, drink or sm ok e whe n using this product.
W a sh hand s tho roug hly a fte r ha ndling.
Ta ke off conta m inate d clo thing and wash it b e fo re reuse .
Dispo se of unuse d conte nts, containe r, and o ther conta m inate d waste s in accordance with loca l, sta te,
fede ral, a nd provincia l regulations .
If in eyes: R inse cautiously with wate r for seve ral m inute s and rem ove contacts if prese nt a nd e a sy to
do . Continue rinsing and get m e dica l atte ntion if e ye irritation pe rsis ts .
If on skin: W a sh with plenty o f soa p and wate r.
If swallowed: R inse m o uth a nd ge t m e d ical atte ntion if you fee l unwe ll.
Em e rgency O ve rvie w: Irrita nt.
Route of Ex posure: Eyes. Sk in. Inhalatio n. I nge s tion.
Pote ntial He a lth Effects:
Eye : Caus e s e ye irrita tio n.
Sk in: Caus e s skin irrita tion.
I nha lation: Prolonged or e x ces sive inha lation m ay ca use respiratory tract irritation.
I nge s tion: May be harm ful if swallo we d. May ca us e vom iting.
Chronic Health Effe cts: Prolonged or repe ate d conta ct m a y cause sk in irritation.
Signs/Sym ptom s: O vere x po sure m ay ca use he a da che s a nd dizziness.
Ta rget O rgans: Eyes. Sk in. Respiratory syste m . Dige stive syste m .
Aggravation of P re -Existing
Conditio ns:
None ge nerally recogniz e d.
Chemical Name CA S# Ingredient Percent
EC Num.
Tita nium diox ide 13463-67-7 10 - 30 by we ight 236-675-5
Nephe line Sye nite 37244-96-5 5 - 10 by we ight
Silica, a m o rpho us, pre cipitate d and gel 112926-00-8 1 - 5 by we ight
Product: PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Satin Enamel UPW No. 7750 | Manufacturer: BEHR Process Corporation | Revison:10/20/2017, Version:0
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