Model: E128
User's Manual
Infrared Ear Thermometer
Carefully read these instructions and warnings before use
and keep for future reference.
First of all, thank you for choosing our ear thermometer. It
is a high-technology medical thermometer for measuring
the temperature of human body via infrared rays emitted
by the ear-drum.
1) Readings are displayed promptly.
2) Measuring with probe cover free.
3) Probe of water proof design, easy cleaning.
4) Fever alarm function, when temperature is over 38 C.
5) Automatically displays battery power.
6) Backlight screen is adopted.
1) When first use please take off the plastic strip which
insure the battery protection. (Refer to the PIC-1)
2) Do not throw the thermometer with household waste.
Use the collection systems available for you. (Refer to
the PIC-2
3) Don't expose the thermometer to extreme temperatures
for long periods, e.g. in the sun, in a car.
4) The thermometer probe may be cleaned with a
disinfectant wipe or cotton wool soaked in alcohol, but the
body of the thermometer is not watertight, don't place it in
any liquid, please use a clean, dry tissue.
5) Avoid violent impacts and do not drop the product.
6) Avoid direct contact to the tip of the probe where the
sensor is located.
7) Don't try to dismantle the thermometer.
8) Keep the probe clean, grease and ear-wax can affect the
results of measurements.
9) Don't take readings less than half an hour after a meal,
exercise, a bath or a period spent in a particularly hot or
cold environment.
10) You had better leave an interval of at least 30 seconds
between two continuous measurement.
11) An individual's body temperature corresponds to an
average value. There is no absolute standard for body
temperature. The best way is to measure your
temperature during a normal period and use this average
reading as a benchmark against which to judge your fever.
12) When the ambient temperature is beyond the optimum
operating temperature, an error message "Err" would
appears, and the thermometer can't measue.
temperature value
in measuring/ in waiting
temperature scale Celsius
temperature scale Fahrenheit
fever symbol
memory symbol
battery power symbol
1) Press "Power" button, to turn on the device, you will hear
"Bi-Bi" to enter the measurement mode, and display last
measurement record or zero. (PIC-3 & PIC-4)
2) For measuring, please put the probe of the device into
your ear at the position where you feel comfortable.
(Refer to the PIC-5)
3) While the probe entering into the ear, press the "START "
button, wait for about1 second to complete the
measurement with the beep. Take out the device from the
ear for reading result. (Refer to the PIC-6)
Note: After a measurement, there is waiting icon" " flash
for about 10 seconds, please wait the icon disappear,
then to start next measurement.
4) About 30 seconds after the measurement, the device will
shut off automatically with a beep and OFF showing.
(Refer to the PIC-7)

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