Digital Thermometer (Waterproof)
T108 (Resolution 0.01 C)
T109 (Resolution 0.1 C)
Congratulations on your purchase of this product.
Please read the instructions carefully before using the
thermometer for the first time , please read this manual
thoroughly. This product is intended for the
measurement of human body temperature.
Operating Instructions
Before using, please disinfect the probe at first. To
switch on, press the ON/OFF button next to the display;
a short beep will sound, indicating that the thermometer
is operational. At the same time the thermometer runs a
self-check test, during which all the digital segments
appear on the LCD. When the letters “Lo” and a
o o
flashing C” or “ F” display, the thermometer is now
ready for use. If the ambient temperature is below 32 C
o o o
or 89.6 F, then “Lo C” or “Lo F” will appear on the LCD
o o o
and if it is more than 42 C or 107.6 F, then “HI C” or
“HI F” will appear on the LCD. During the reading, the
current temperature is displayed continuously and the
o o
“ C” or “ F” symbol flashes. The measurement is
completed when a constant temperature value has been
reached. The temperature value is considered constant
when the temperature rises less than 0.1 C within 16
seconds. As soon as the constant temperature value is
reached, a beep will sound four times, and the “ C” or
F” symbol will stop flashing. The highest temperature
measured appears on the LCD. However, please note
that this thermometer is a maximum thermometer, i.e.
the displayed temperature can increase slightly if
measurement continues after the beep. This is
particularly the case with axillary measurements,
should a temperature value be recorded which
approximates the core body temperature. In this
instance please note the description under “Methods of
measuring temperature”. When the measurement is
completed, please switch the thermometer off by
pressing the ON/OFF button. After the temperature has
been displayed, the thermometer will shut off
automatically after 10 minutes.
exposed to cool. If this
Install battery with the "-" sign up and "+" sign down.
o o
(T109), 0.01 C/0.01 F(T108)
This product is warranty for 1 year from the date of
purchase. Damage resulting from incorrect use or abuse
is not covered by the warranty. Battery and packaging
are excluded from the warranty. Claims beyond this,
including claims for damages, are excluded. If you find
that the thermometer is defective and not in good
function, please firstly check the battery before sending
in for repair.
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