BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation8
Connecting the Leadwire Cable
to Pain Relief Pads
uses 2 Pain Relief Pads for a
treatment. Either Pain Relief Pad can be
connected to either blue connector at the end
of the leadwire cable (see photo to the right).
Orientation of the blue connectors (top or
bottom side) does not matter.
Line up the leadwire cable and Pain Relief
Pad connectors and plug them together
until they click in place. When connected
toegther, the Pain Relief Pad connector will
partially stick out from the leadwire cable
connector allowing an easy grip when pulling
them apart.
Removing the Pain Relief Pads from the Leadwire Cable
To remove the Pain Relief Pads from the leadwire cable, grasp each side of the blue
need to squeeze the prongs on the Pain Relief Pad connector to insert or remove
Leadwire Cable
Pain Relief Pad