BioWave Corporation 11
BioWaveGO Pain Relief Pads are
comprised of two
2” diameter round
reusable pads that are placed:
directly over
2 locations of pain.
• over a single location of pain and over
a bony prominence (a comfortable
location to receive stimulation).
• for radiating pain, one pad is placed
over the source of the pain (for example
over the spine), and the other pad
presents that is closest to the source.
• both pads can be placed one inch apart
from one another directly over a large
area of pain.
BioWaveGO Pain Relief Pads are reusable
but must be tacky to the touch. If not,
please use a new set of Pain relief Pads.
BioWaveGO Pain Relief Pads must not
touch each other when the unit is turned
on. One inch is the minimum spacing.
2. Device Description