BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation14
The LED bar graph on the front of the device has
5 segments and provides treatment information in
different colors:
Battery Strength Indicator - GREEN
Remaining battery life is indicated in GREEN for
Blue Tooth Connection - BLUE
When the device is connected to a
smartphone the top LED on the LED Bar
Graph will blink BLUE while the connection
is being established and will emit an audible
tone for 1 second indicating a bluetooth
connection to a smartphone.
Remaining Treatment Time - WHITE
The remaining treatment time is displayed in
WHITE. As the 30-minute treatment continues
each bar dims and then turns off.
Signal Intensity - BLUE
The intensity of the treatment is displayed in
BLUE for 3 seconds after the PLUS or MINUS
button is pressed. The higher the intensity, the
more bars that are displayed in BLUE.
LED Bar Graph
Indicator Displaying
Signal Intensity
2.3 LED Bar Graph Indicator