BioWave Corporation 15
2. Device Description
Charging the Battery - GREEN
While the device is charging, each bar on the LED Bar Graph will be in GREEN
and will grow in brightness and then additional bars will light up as the battery
charges up. Once the device is fully charged, the LED Bar Graph will turn off.
Pause Treatment - WHITE
Pressing the Power Button once quickly PAUSES the treatment. All 5 LEDs will
breathe WHITE. To start back up, continue to press the PLUS button to manually
increase the intensity from zero.
Troubleshooting - ORANGE
When there is a connection problem all 5 LEDs will blink ORANGE, the intensity is
immediately reduced to zero and the treatment time is paused. For example, after
multiple uses, if the Pain Relief Pads are no longer tacky to the touch, the device
may indicate a connection error because it does not see the Pain Relief Pads on
the skin. Use a new set of Pain Relief Pads and reconnect the cable to the device
and Pain Relief Pads. The LED bar graph will change to show WHITE bars if at the
beginning of a new treatment, or if the error occurs mid treatment, the WHITE bars
press the PLUS button to manually increase the intensity from zero to a strong but
comfortable treatment level.