BioWave Corporation 17
There is a risk of rash underneath the Pain Relief Pad area. If you have sensitive skin
and routinely might have contact dermatitis (a rash), for example, from removing a
from the skin, then there is a risk of rash upon removal of the Pain Relief
The device is programmed to deliver a limited amount of energy through the skin,
to protect against discomfort. However, it is also important for protecting against
discomfort, that BioWaveGO
not be used on any area of your body that you are
concerned may be overly sensitive to the impulses from the stimulator, for example,
on sunburned skin.
There is a risk of infection if the Pain Relief Pads are placed on broken skin. Infection
can be avoided by using the stimulator and placing Pain Relief Pads on intact skin.
Pain Relief Pads may be placed over healed scar tissue or over tatoos.
• CustomersreportthatBioWavetreatmentsmayprovidesignicantpainrelief.
• BioWaveGO
is an easy to use 30-minute treatment.
Treatment using the BioWaveGO
System may provide temporary relief of pain or
Patients should expect to feel a light numbness in the volume of tissue treated, 5
minutes into the treatment, immediately after and for up to 20 minutes following a
30-minute treatment.
3. When the Stimulator Should Not Be Used